All-Rid Pest & Termite, Inc. offers a wide variety of pest control programs for all types of structures.
Residential Quarterly Service is our most popular program and we have designed 4 packages to meet your specific needs.

  • Basic Choice Pest program offers coverage for American & Oriental Roaches (excluding German Roaches), Crickets, Spiders (non-venomous), Ground Beetles, Wasp Nests, Scorpions, Pill Bugs, Centipedes, Earwigs, Sow Bugs and Millipedes.

  • Ultimate Pest Plus program covers all insects in Basic Choice package plus Brown Recluse, Black Widow Spiders, Pantry Pests (Indian Meal Moths), Weevils, Silverfish.

  • Premier Pest program covers all insects in Basic Choice, Ultimate Plus and includes Odorous House Ants, Argentine Ants, and Fire Ants (inside house only).

  • Premier Pest w/ Termite Protection covers all insects in listed packages above plus the revolutionary Sentricon Termite System installed at your home to give you 24/7 protection from termites (installation fees apply based on linear footage).

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First and foremost, get your pets on a flea treatment from the vet immediately. Once you have fleas the females can lay approximately 25 – 40 eggs daily, the complete lifecycle from egg to adult ranges from 28 – 38 days (given the right conditions) and the cycle begins all over again with new females laying more eggs. If you suspect a flea problem, do not delay, your response time to a flea treatment is critical, call us for more information and let us walk you through the process.


A number of diseases are linked to mosquitos and mosquito bites. Any standing water or moist areas around your home is ideal for female mosquitos to drop their eggs, such as clogged gutters, potted containers, under bushes, old tires and ditches that do not drain properly. Removing any water-accumulating objects around your house is critical in the battle against mosquitos. All-Rid Pest & Termite, Inc. offers monthly mosquito fogging and our most popular Whole-House Mosquito Misting System that puts the control in your hands.